ASCE V-Tech 2020 Scavenger Hunt banner logo

Add a little fun to your technical sessions by joining the #VTech2020 Scavenger hunt! Download the flyer below to know what you have to find. 

Download Flyer (PDF)


  • To participate, you must be registered for the conference and must sign up by . To sign up, email your Team Name, Members of Team & Primary Institute to
  • As you complete the tasks within each “level” you will be eligible for a different prize. After doing all of the tasks within a level, provide proof via pictures and send them to
  • Please have all photos submitted by .
  • Participants can only win one prize, the highest level they completed. (You cannot stack prizes from completed levels)
  • Once the third level is completed and the pictures have been provided, you will be entered to win the grand prize. (If you do not win the grand prize you will be given the level 2 prize.)
  • Only a certain number of participants are eligible to win at each level- so don’t wait to participate!
    • Level 1: 40 Winners
    • Level 2: 28 Winners
    • Level 3: 1 Winner