01:50 PM - 02:20 PM
14 September 2020

Are your Digital Twins Identical or Fraternal?

Digital twins can be identical or fraternal. We all want our digital world to be an exact replica of our reality, but for those aspects of the twins that can't be seen, or have uncertainty, the similarity to reality may be more like Schwarzenegger and DeVito in the movie "Twins." Utilities hidden from view but part of the digital file can be highly uncertain, but the inference drawn by most users is that of certainty. Mixing identical and fraternal twin models is even more alarming and dangerous to everyone. Fortunately, ASCE created standards, technical reports, EJCDC model contracts, and educational opportunities to address utility uncertainties and their depictions, whether in the digital twin BIM environment or simple 2D CAD. This session will introduce some of the tools ASCE has created to portray and manage utility uncertainty throughout the project development and delivery process.


  • John P. Campbell, PE, M.ASCE, UESI President Elect


  • James H. Anspach, PG(r), Dist.M.ASCE 2018 UESI President