03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
17 September 2020

The Future of the AEC Industry: Imagining New Possibilities

The opportunities to take the AEC industry to new heights is at our fingertips with the advancements in sustainability, technology, safety, building materials, and more. Collectively, we must imagine and develop a new world of possibilities and opportunities to positively improve the built environment around us for generations to come. Together, let’s explore building the future. David Odeh will discuss ASCE's Future World Vision project, specifically in relation to the multi-disciplinary design of buildings that will drive future infrastructure. FWV is a project to create experiential virtual reality models of cities of the future, taking into account trends and disruptions that may impact the world in the next 50 years. Wil Srubar’s presentation will emphasize the AEC industry’s vital obligation and opportunities to address the climate crisis. More specifically, he will illustrate the importance of understanding, quantifying, and reducing embodied carbon in construction. In addition, his presentation will highlight the promise and potential of rapidly renewable carbon-sequestering biomaterials and demonstrate how simple design decisions can not only reduce embodied carbon in buildings but also transform buildings from carbon emitters into carbon sinks.


  • Jessica Fitzwilson, LEED AP BD+C, Ohio Regional Logistics & Global Sourcing Solutions Manager, Turner Construction Company
  • David J. Odeh, SE, PE, F.SEI, F.ASCE, SECB, Principal, Odeh Engineers, Inc., Technical Region Director, ASCE
  • Wil V. Srubar III, PhD, A.M.ASCE, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder