11:20 AM - 12:30 PM
18 September 2020

Geo-PIT: Powerful, Informative Talks on Geotechnical Topics

The Geo-PIT was conceived before Geo-Congress 2019 as a way to bring new and exciting ideas and perspectives to Geo-Congress attendees, and to combine technical expertise with business and other life topics. Each talk is limited to 12 minutes and as few slides as possible. Enjoy your time in the Geo-PIT!


  • John Wolosick, Keller Foundations - A Story About Youth League Coaching That Had a Large City and the News Media Wondering What Happened
  • Anna Kotas, Geocomp - “Selling” Geosciences (Becoming your firm’s “high producer” and loving every second of it!)
  • Dimitrios Zekkos, University of California-Berkeley - Using Big Data to Learn more about Landslides caused by Natural Disasters
  • Jared Green, Langan - The Power of Your Voice and How to Unlock Authentic Leadership