01:30 PM - 02:40 PM
15 September 2020

Model Based Contracting - NYSDOT Case Study

This presentation will discuss what Model Based Contracting is and how it was implemented on a pilot bridge project at NYSDOT. Traditionally, 2D plan sheets have been the only format legally allowed to specify contractual work requirements for NYSDOT projects. Model Based Contracting is an innovative approach where contractual work can legally be specified with 3D CADD models or other electronic information, eliminating the need for 2D plan sheets. The bridge replacement for Rt. 28 over Esopus Creek is NYSDOT’s first Model Based Contracting Pilot Project. The process developed for Model Based Contracting and the Pilot Project will be discussed along with an overview of where the project is in construction.


  • Craig Ruyle, P.E., M.ASCE., Regional Director, NYSDOT


  • Brenda Crudele, P.E., Office of Structures, Director Structures Design, NYSDOT
  • Wallace Pishtey, Region 8 Construction, Construction Supervisor, NYSDOT
  • Jordan Strack, Region 8 Construction, Project Engineer, NYSDOT